On March 20, 2019 we broadcast our fourth webinar, Flexible Sample Sizes, presented by Dr. Anna McGlothlin. Questions can be posed by commenting below.


This webinar will focus on sample size adjusted based on the effect observed in the trial. Dr. McGlothlin will discuss methods such a group sequential designs and goldilocks methods that account for incomplete data. She will discuss ramifications of early stopping, for example the induced multiplicities and resulting changes to control type I error as well as quantifying and minimizing any potential biases in point estimates from stopping early. The presentation will describe the benefits when the anticipated treatment effect is unknown, and thus it is desirable the trial adapt to whatever treatment effect actually emerges.


Anna McGlothlin, PhD is a Senior Statistical Scientist at Berry Consultants. She also has extensive experience in innovative trial design and has taught design and simulation to industrial audience as well as an invited course in simulation to the FDA.